What is Funded by Faith?

Five things to know about Funded by Faith

1. Funded by Faith is an online funding platform for churches.

We are a new online platform designed exclusively for churches. We allow churches a profile and submit campaigns for any funding need they may have. Whether it’s general tithes & offering , short term mission trips or new VBS curriculum, Funded by Faith  is the fastest and easiest way to receive funding for your church.

2. Each campaign is created by one of our partner churches.

Each church is vetted by us before being allowed to submit a campaign. Each church can create as many campaigns as they want. Campaigns will be reviewed before being posted to Funded by Faith.

3. Funded by Faith is different than your normal online giving website.

When a church uses other online giving websites the person who is giving is shown a drop down menu to choose where they want their money to go. We allow the church to explain each campaign and add pictures or videos to  help the giver know how their money will be used when giving to a certain campaign.

4. Donating to a campaign is more that just giving money.

When donors give money to a specific campaign that is just the first step, step # 2 is sharing the campaign with their social network. Each campaign has social sharing built in. Campaigns that take full advantage of social sharing are more likely to get more funding.

5. Funded by Faith’s mission is to help faithful followers fund the body of Christ.

Our goal is to help churches explain to believers what they need funding for.  When this happens, believers are more likely to give and give more.